First Impressions: Persona 4

I’m aware there is a game with the same title but I never tried playing it before. I decided to watch because of the great images I’ve seen before. Although my verdict so far is: Draggy. Where the did all the action go? I’m quite bored actually if it wasn’t for the outstanding animation, I would have dropped it a long time ago. I mean the first four episodes were practically the same thing, which was about (spoiler alert) each character facing their ugliness, then getting their personas. Well the plot finally picked up by episode 5 so hoping it will become better soon.

The characters are ordinary although Satonaka is quite hilarious. The animation I said was beautiful. I’m pretty sure its one of the best this season. I love how they use the calendar thing to narrate the story. It’s quite refreshing to look at. For the music, the op and ending isn’t standout but the background is good enough.

There are still a lot episodes to go so I’m hoping for it’ll keep getting better.


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