First Script Reading for Bridal Mask

The cast of Bridal Mask, which includes Joo WonJin Sae YeonPark Ki WoongShin Hyun Joon, and the rest of the cast gathered at the KBS Annex on February 3rd for their first table read.

I love how Joo Won is very intense and really feeling the emotion of the script [inset above] in contrast with [inset below], which shows his super adorable smile! I swear I picked this drama up for him. I really can’t wait.

Bridal Mask is set to premiere on May, 9, 2012 replacing “Man of the Equator.” It hasn’t been a good year for KBS. Wild Romance with below 5% ratings. Then the successor, Man of the Equator who still needs a main cast. Rooftop Prince (SBS) and The King (MBC) have already begun filming and promoting. Just from this, I can tell Man of the Equator won’t be a hit. So I’m hoping they’ll be able to turn things around with Bridal Mask.

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