What is this blog about?

This blog is about my thoughts on Asian dramas and anime. It features my first impressions on the shows that I’m currently watching, drama ratings, drama reviews and popular anime and drama news.

Why I created this blog?

I was inspired by the site, dramabeans. They had wonderful recaps and ratings of KDramas that I wanted to create something similar. The birth of this blog was in October 2011.

About the author

You can call me Zani. I’m a pre-med student from the Philippines. I’m interested in watching dramas and animes, writing and photoshop. I’m a lazy person but when I set my mind to something, I do my best to fulfill it. I tend to talk a lot and can become quite expressive about my thoughts. Anyway, I’m busy most of the time so it’s hard for me to update this blog but I still will when I find the time.

[Warning: This may not be of any interest to you.] I began as anime fan back in 2005 when I got hooked to Princess Comet (also known as Princess Comet). I would watch random animes on TV but that changed when I became a member in crunchyroll on October 2007.  I became immersed to the anime world and was exposed to so many titles. I’ve watched countless animes over the next years. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen more than 100 series that’s how addicted I was. I would use most of my summer just to watch (hahaha,boring life huh?). I started to get disappointed and bored of anime around early 2010 so a friend recommended that I watch some KDramas (East of Eden and Baker King). I was never really interested in those kind of shows before. Although I did watch the dubbed version of Princess Hours and Save Your Last Dance in  local tv. Anyway that same friend recommended more dramas. I decided to looked into the titles since I wasn’t totally sure if I wanted to even watch it. Because of that, I came across dramabeans in September 2011. The site has amazed me. It has made me want to immerse myself into the drama world now. I read a lot of the reviews and recaps. I love how well-written they are  and analyzed every angle. I decided to make a blog so I can have venue to comment on these dramas. I also thought it would be a good challenge to provide an unbiased analysis of the shows that I’ve watched.

I hope people will enjoy the contents of the blog. Thank you for visiting this site and reading this post. Please feel free to comment and ask about anything.


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