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First Script Reading for Bridal Mask

The cast of Bridal Mask, which includes Joo WonJin Sae YeonPark Ki WoongShin Hyun Joon, and the rest of the cast gathered at the KBS Annex on February 3rd for their first table read.

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Bridal Mask’s leading lady

We have Joo Won and Park Ki-woong in the upcoming sageuk action blockbuster Bridal Mask (Gaksital). And joining them as the leading lady is rookie actress Jin Sae-yeon. Continue reading

Lee Min Ho casted in Rooftop Prince

The first from our amazing child stars from the Moon Embraces the Sun to land another role. And it’s another upcoming saeguk, which I’m looking forward to, Rooftop Prince (It’s the saeguk I’ll be watching after METS actually)!

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Ha Ji Won and Cha Seung Won for The King

After experiencing a casting dilemma, The King are finalized their leading woman, Ha Ji Won (Secret Garden). There were rumors before she was going to have a reunion with her Bali co-star Jo In Sung but Jo did not take the project. Although she is having a reunion with the director, whom she worked with in Damo. There were reports that she dropped the role as well but the latest news are saying she is confirming. She took time to review the script before she agreed. Continue reading

tvN’s February Dramas

Wow, this cable has been producing amazing dramas lately. I’ve only watched Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, but I’ve seen and heard good reviews on their other shows such as I Need Romance and Birdie Buddy. I was already looking forward to their next Oh! Boy seriesShut up: Flower Boy Band, which is set to premiere on January 30. But now, I have to additional things to look forward to which are:  Continue reading

Joo Won in Bridal Mask

Joo Won (Baker King, Ojakkyo Brothers) gets the lead role for upcoming KBS drama Gaksital, or Bridal Mask. It’s based on the 70s manhwa by Heo Young-man. I was so happy to hear the news! I seriously wanted to see him act again soon. How coincidental that he decided to pick up another saeguk after he dropped the Moon That Embraces the Sun due to taping conflicts.

“Gaksital is a famous manhwa set in the 1930s, during the Japanese occupation. The hero, Lee Kang-to, is known as ‘Gaksital’ because he wears a mask to hide his face — one of those traditional play masks, specifically the rosy-cheeked one reserved for the female role, aka the bride. He’s an unassuming young man in real life, but when he dons his superhero mask, he fights injustice and rights wrongs during one of the darkest periods of Korea’s history. The manhwa itself, written in 1974, is described as astoundingly contemporary, and deals with a myriad of social issues, still praised for its nationalistic stance.”

Bridal Mask plans for a May premiere on KBS. Can’t wait!

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Padam Padam… The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats

I can’t contain my excitement for this drama, which finally premieres tomorrow! The drama is written by A-list screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung (Goodbye Solo, The World They Live In). The plot centers around Yang Kang-chil, a tough guy who’s lived a rough life and served some hard time as a result of a friend’s scheme. He meets a bright veterinarian, Jung Ji Na, and thus begins their love story.   Continue reading