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For all my lurkers here who haven’t checked out my new blog. Here are links to the drama articles I recently posted:


Housekeeping Note

OH GOSH! I’m so sorry I haven’t been updating this blog. I’ve just been too busy with school work for the past two weeks. Now that I’m semi-back, let me fill this whole page with the Moon Embraces the Sun posts. Ok, I’m not updated with the recent episodes but the drama is just wowowowowow! While agonizing and stressing reading school books, the only thing that made me motivated and happy was METS. I replay the last scene in METS episode 3 over and over again. This drama just gives me the drama high that I have not felt in a long time. I’ve been meaning to make a first impressions post but I don’t think anything I would say will give justice to how awesome the drama is. So anyway, enjoy the next few posts! 🙂


There are a few changes I want to make:

1) I decided to expand the focus of this blog. Instead of being limited with Asian dramas, I will also talk about animes and the other shows that I watch. I might post a book every now and then. Why? Because I feel like this might be the only place I can share all my rants and ravings about something.

2) The drama news that will be featured might be limited. In the sense that  I will post only on actors, actresses, screenwriters, and PDs that I know of. I’m relatively new in the drama world so I feel that posts of people whom I do not know yet maybe inadequate. But upcoming shows will be an exemption.

3) I will use a new review template. I feel that I should make it a more in-depth commentary rather than analyzing it at each point.

4) I will be introducing a new concept to my blog, which is The Random Post.

Q: What is that?

A: It’s a hodgepodge of random observations of shows to favorite traits. It can take on the appearance of a comparison or even a recommendation.

Anyway, I’ll try my best to post one every week. I promise it will be a very fun and interesting corner to check out.

Happy New Year!

It’s a brand new start! Out with the old bad moments and embrace the new and hopeful vibes! So this year, I’ll be more active in updating this blog. Although it might take me some time before I can start recapping. But I hope you can visit and support this site. Thanks! 😀