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METS Child Actors Pictorial Gone Wrong?!

Okay, sorry for the negative title but seriously check out the photos below especially of  Siwan.I bet you’ll agree with me. Wasn’t planning to post this originally but I was bored and I still love METS actors in spite this.

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METS Child Actor’s Thank You Message

I wish there was someone to translate their message. But I love how they really thank the fans for all their support! They will all become good actors and actresses in the near future. Here are some pictures of the child actors with their adult counter part:

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The Moon Embraces the Sun cast send their Lunar New Year Greetings!

“The cast of MBC dramas sent out greetings to the viewers for the lunar new year. The greetings for the lunar new year by the characters of various MBC dramas can be seem in the previews of MBC’s new year’s special programs. The couple that drew most attention from the viewers happened to be Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Yoo Jung of ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’. Continue reading