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Final Impressions: Brain

I only started the drama after ten episodes was broadcasted already due to my busy schedule. I looked at the fervent comments its few viewers gave before watching and sadly, it did not live up to it. This drama lost me in the middle. Continue reading


Review: Me Too, Flower!

I wasn’t planning on watching Me Too, Flower because of the production, how they rushed filming and the ultimately caused the original lead, Kim Jae Won dropping the drama due to an accident while shooting. They even had to extend Can’t Lose (which I personally don’t mind) and postponed the premiere date. Continue reading

Review: Man of Honor

Initially, I thought that the writer has improved a bit from her previous work, Baker King. Man of Honor looked  more toned downed on the outrageous and unrealistic scenes. I would have loved the drama if it weren’t for the sudden change of direction in the story and some exaggerated scenes. Continue reading

First Impressions: Padam Padam

I decided to watch Padam Padam because of Kim Bum <33333. I saw a picture of him with his long hair, I was totally swooned. He looks really good compared to his cutesy face in BOF. Plus he was such an amazing actor in East of Eden, that I needed to check out his latest drama.  Continue reading

First Impressions: Color of Woman

I decided to watch this drama because Eugene was originally casted for the lead role. Even if she dropped the show, I still wanted to see the story. Seriously,  not seeing Eugene in this drama was a waste…. But even without her, man this show is just overflowing with awesomeness. Continue reading

First Impressions: Brain

I decided to watch Brain because I wanted to see the medical world in the Korean perspective. It’s something related to my course, so its very relevant for me. And just like the comments, I’ve been reading Brain is actually good.

Continue reading

First Impressions: Fermentation Family

I decided to pick this up because I heard good things about the director-screenwriter tandem. I tried looking for their darker works which were Resurrection (2005) and the Devil (2007) but had no luck with finding english subs for them. So I said that I’ll give this drama a shot. Anyway, Fermentation Family does seem promising.

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